In no particular order, here are some of my publications and events that I am particularly proud of.


Translating the book A Travel Guide to the Atlantic Coast of Morocco for the Maritime Museum of Ceuta.


Translating a series of articles for academic journals on topics such as architecture, archaeology of the Alhambra, history, poetry, and gender studies.


Editing the book Qadil: Lights in the Land of the Setting Sun (Luces del Poniente) by Francisco Dalmases.


An interview with my parents came out in Critical Muslim as Escape to Andalusia, in the Utopia issue.


Published my first collection of poetry, Love is a Traveller and We are its Path through Ecstatic Exchange; this book is now coming out as a second edition through Mzungu Press as the editor of EE, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, sadly passed away.


Co-authored a Travel Guide to Muslim Spain with my mum, Tahira Larmore – soon to be published by Huma Press.

During this time I have also performed regularly a my favourite hangout in London, Rumi’s Cave in Willesden Green.

1451382_756163931066762_51885419_nYou can see the video of one of these here.

April 2014

My article about being a Sunni married to a Shi’a was published by the Muslim Institute’s journal, Critical Muslim, and my short story, Cotton-Fisted Scorpions, was shortlisted for the Willesden Herald competition and published in their collection, New Short Stories 8.


Translated two wonderful books by Ibn Arabi from Spanish to English (Arabic > Spanish translation by Pablo Beneito of the University of Murcia, Ibn Arabi’s home town), on the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. To be published as a sngle volume in 2015 iA by Anqa Publishing.

My profile and a song of mine was featured on San Francisco’s International Museum of Women’s online Muslima exhibition.


Translated a number of articles on the Webislam site from Spanish to English, including this vast number of very accessible and informative glossary notes on Arabic terms.


The Richest Place on Earth, short story published in Islamica magazine and beautifully illustrated by my sister (I would like to publish this, together with some of my other short stories, as a print book and e-book, as soon as I work out how to do it).

The Richest Place on EarthThis very blog was Freshly Pressed! The blog post was Is She Dreaming? Or Is She Dying?

Review of a beautiful Christian-Muslim art exhibition in 2012 in emel magazine.

Various guest blogs posts on Al-Andalus Experience, the site of a small family-run speciality tourism business based in Granada.

‘Sufism and Slavery in East Africa’, article based on my university dissertation at SOAS, published in Islamica Magazine, Issue 16, Africa: Challenges and Possibilities.

Article about my best friend, the extraordinary painter Lateefa Spiker, and her exhibition Unravelling, in emel magazine in 2010, and another article interviewing her husband, the multi-talented artist-craftsman Adam Williamson, also in emel.


2 thoughts on “Work

  1. Dear Medina; I can’t tell you how eagerly I am anticipating the publication of Ibn Arabi’s work on the Most Beautiful Names which you have translated into English. Please can you confirm when this will be.

    • Dear Tim, I’m also eagerly awaiting its publication…it’s been stalled a the publishers for years now. I will definitely let you know when it’s out, I can assure you it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

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