2012 in review

Flamin’ Nora…what a year! From dying sheep to the dawn of new love, 2012 has been a wild ride for me, one which thankfully involved no Armageddons, zombie apocalypses or Taliban invasions of the Western world. I have to hand it to all of my dear readers, who – to my great surprise – numbered more than the ten people I regularly harass to read my blog, in fact coming from 90 countries all over the world. Yes, that’s right! There are more than 90 countries in the world! I was surprised, too.

It’s been a joy and a test for me to keep writing, sharing even when it is almost too close to the nerve to think about, let alone sending it out for the whole wide world and their auntie Brenda to see; what’s made it worthwhile have been the comments left by my readers, not just agreeing but bringing new facets of a thing to light until it seems at times we are archaeologists digging out the recent past from the mud of the present, brushing it tenderly to clarity, together.

It’s also been an amazing journey reading about what is close to other people’s nerves, the bloggers who have chosen to undertake the same archaeologist’s path, sharing their findings with this virtual community that seems ever more vivid despite being separated by wires, thousands of miles, and the anonymity of avatars. Thankyou kind Cavereaders. May 2013 be a time of fulfilment, beauty, and letting go for all of us. Blessed be.

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