Love is a Traveller

Like my poems? Buy the book!

Love is a Traveller and We are its Path came out in February 2016, published by my beloved mentor, Daniel ‘Abdal-Hayy Moore.

Since his passing, the second edition of the book took its sweet time in the making, but it’s finally out. They cost a mere ten English pounds plus postage and packing from Spain.


According to Daniel ‘Abdal-Hayy Moore at Ecstatic Exchange:

“With Medina Whiteman’s lively, metamorphosing voice, we have here finely detailed poetic stances on whatever attracts her and her pen, and her heart is here, and its centripetal ripples edge out to our own world and wash over it as if with our own sensibilities — and it is a welcoming thing, a sweet and healing thing to know these enlightened trails.”

And from a review by Michael Sugich, author of Signs on the Horizons:

“Love is a Traveller and We are Its Path” is an astonishing, accomplished, heartbreakingly beautiful work. Ms. Whiteman writes as a girl, a woman, a mother, and a wide-eyed, reflective observer of her world — as seeker, believer and sage. For her God is truly in the details. Each observation, whether earthy or supernal, is internalized and suffused with a piercing awareness of meaning, and a deep, abiding faith that shines through a world full of mundane and transcendent particulars.”


If you’d like a copy, drop me a line below and I’ll let you know how much the shipping will cost and arrange for payment (PayPal or bank transfer).