Echo the Divine


It might be strange, after all these words on a screen, for readers to hear a song I sing…but here it is. I can’t be bothered to build separate blogs for music, essays, AND poetry, and in any case, aren’t they all just sister streams of the same outflow? This is a song I wrote many years ago but performed at the newly dubbed Hackney Wick Dhikr Jam Space, on the 12th of August this year. Images used courtesy of Lateefa Spiker (see and for more info on her mesmerising paintings). All rights reserved both on the music and the artwork. Recording made by Peter Gould ( – used with kind permission. This is just the kind of recording I love – all the incidental noises, laughter, murmurs, there was even someone washing dishes in the background though I think that escaped the mic. Somehow it captures the atmosphere of a beautiful night, better than any studio recording could. Find somewhere to lie on some grass and close your eyes to the sun, lay back and enjoy.