Liebsters on Toast with a Recycled Steak

This morning as I slipped out of bed – disentangling myself from the snoozing baby, mumbling as she dreamed of my boobs (well, I’m glad that someone does, anyway) – I had the whimsical notion that today I would get an award for something.

My powers of intuition didn’t inform me more precisely as to what award it would be. Would I be spontaneously applauded in the supermarket for heroically saving a small child from being crushed by a falling stack of tinned sausages and beans? Would my Waldorf-inspired, hand-sawn olive wood toys (stacking blocks, pretend toast, even vegeburgers!) and the accompanying green felt spinach leaves and red woolly ‘steaks’ be chosen as cleverest recycled use for a sock? The Booker prize is a little out of my reach, since my novel is still crawling forward like a snail through molasses after a particularly heavy dose of Valium. But there are trillions of awards out there; wasn’t it only right than one of these days one of them would fall by default on my humble electronic doorstep?

The heavens answered my subconscious prayer, and this very day I was given a Liebster Blog Award by the preternaturally brilliant Resourceful Rose, whose cunning methods of thrifting and thrilling with little more than balloons, string and PVA glue will leave you slack-jawed with admiration. Thankyou Rose!

If you have yet to come across (or, heaven forbid, have been awarded) a Liebster Award, let me elucidate ya. It was apparently created with the aim of showing appreciation for small blogs (of 300 subscribers or less) and helping those bloggers to give a nod to their own favourite bloggers. I’ve yet to discover the murky origins of this award but let’s just say for the sake of argument it was a good soul keen to see the meek inherit the earth, the lion lie down with the lamb, the tea strainer nestle up to the carving knives, or something of along those lines.

The great thing about these awards is that the number of them given increases exponentially, every minute of every day. Since the award recipients nominate 3-5 people whose blogs they admire, very quickly the quantity of Liebster-loved blogs is multiplied as much as to the power of 5.

And if we are all (as I clearly am) so thoroughly excited at having been given this accolade that we go ahead and nominate our favourites on the spot, then I calculate that it will take approximately no time at all before everyone has been awarded a Liebster. Nevertheless, I am tickled pink at the thought that all of us getting our moment of appreciation – truly the perfect populist award.

So here are my nominations:

1) Life in Morocco, by the thoughtful and artistic Norah – a must for those interested in the reality of Marrakesh beyond the Lonely Planet;

2) Yohosame, for Sufilicious musings, music, rapturous photography, thoughts on life in the States and on the states of the soul

3) Madre Mia! Aka Space Mum, for her delightful and very à propos space logs from the future where mothers will all have fast forward buttons (and hopefully a pause button for the kids…)

That’s enough for now. I have to go and stitch some 100% recycled material toys, whittle crochet hooks from green olive shoots for the Steiner school fête, plait wool to hang the curtains I made there, write a poem, do the dishes, finish my creative writing class homework, and down half a dozen herbal and homeopathic remedies for rushing about too much and getting in a tizz.

Do I get an award for all that, too?