Silence embraces
wraps wings subtly around
my eyes cast their dulled light down
encasing this seeing light with lids
that curve and hold
while capillaries mend
each bowl of retina rests
the temporary blindness moulds itself
enfolds their health
as those dreamt hands laid
nests of light over my laid-down
body, seared a ring of brilliance
into my chest burning away the dregs
that infested my lungs
festooned my non-material being
a Christmas gift from who knows who
in the marketplace of Music
they with their stall, me alone with mine
and I woke better
found the red circle round my heart
where her goodwill entered and worked
let me go on without a charge
the plea I’d made for healing
brought from someone elsewhere healing
someone they did not know
my thread of need pulled close
my want sewn up with
unseen stitches
He directed here

A blessed New Year to everyone!

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