A Poem, A Pinprick

A poem, a pinprick.

Out of the swamp of information
sloshing across the primitive earth
creeps a single-celled being
bright with newness
shiny as an unscratched lens
and it observes impassively
meditating on the waves
of binary blips rising
and falling
and crashing in an ice white foam
gazing at all this
accepting it.

Out of the crusts
of people-shaped shells
creep silvery pearls
and to their clear bright eye
the world looms in and
peers back at itself
with hearts enlarged
and leaps away
at so clear a view
of its own grace.

Out of the scatterings
of luminous seeds
across the blue-black
soil of night
one swells to bursting
high on helium
now everything is spinning
don’t you feel it
spinning too?
It has cracked open
gone from dead
to gasping green

A poem, a pinprick.
Out comes a ruby drop
in which the code for life
catches the light
and shines.

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