The Geometry of Day

Gyroscopic waltz
of clock-face time
lines thread triangularly
interlinking hours
the geometry of day is
hexagonally precise
minutes marching past
in ageless triplets

That lopsided rhythm
ebbs out into another
roof-like symmetry
swinging gait of walkers
two hands clapping
echos bounces back once
double blink
heartbeat call response
poles united in marital opposition
galloping tides
breathe in breathe out
that old familiar you and I
all live in binary code

His dark image has a copy
in blond, one half the height
mine’s a four-kilo brunette
we are reproduced the way
spontaneous eggs split
dancing outwards with
our doppelgangers
spiralling like genomes
non-existence without other
need a face to gaze into
my own to make it real

The four-footed chair
wears wonky if
the sitters scrape it down
drag it across rough terracotta
tiles from spot to spot.

We hold on to our form
together we take shape
in fourfold.

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