Sympathetic Volcanoes

Although, as my more dedicated blog-readers will realise, I write this on my due date (what do you mean, you didn’t put it in your calendars?!), I’m not talking about volcanic eruptions of the natal variety.

But it was perhaps with that in my subconscious that my sister and I made a volcano this weekend, in sympathy with the one that erupted near Eyjafjurdlnurdlegurdle in Iceland recently. Our town has swelled with those unfortunate refugees of Ryanair, suffering their extended holiday with the quiet patience of a saint. I haven’t heard a single yodel of joy from the mountaintops; people must really like their jobs.

Our sympathetic volcano was supposed to be a sort of introductory science experiment for the boys (mine and hers), who are four months apart in age and rapidly becoming such close adventure buddies that we hardly know where they have trotted off to, spades in hand. I had thought that children were natural born scientists, given Caveboy’s love of mixing mashed potato, grape juice and fish fingers on his highchair tray, as well as countless other ‘experiments’ he likes to carry out with lipstick, pond water, the computer keyboard or whatever looks like it might cause an an electrical explosion – or at the very least a parental one.

However, in true Blue Peter style, it was the adults (as we like to call ourselves) who had the most fun with the flour+water pasty goo and bicarb of soda. Witness the marvels of our handiwork, complete with sand from the building site next door and a handful of grass and twigs (what do you mean, it’s not very realistic?!)…

Me and sis being Blue Peter presenters

…and the complete disinterest displayed by our children, who are having far too much fun playing hide and seek in the herb garden and pushing each other on the swing to be remotely interested in what might otherwise amount to a scholarship to some prestigious school at a record-breaking young age. Imagine! Children of two, playing in the mud and not preparing for their primary school entry exams! How will they ever succeed in the workplace??

Shamsie and Tariq smelling the oregano

Shamsie and Tariq not doing their homework

Ah, success can go stuff itself.

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