To Give Love Unceasingly

To give love unceasingly is
hiking in the Himalayas
the highs can give you altitude sickness
the views are dizzying and
you often wake up in strange positions with
tent-mate’s elbow in your eye
scuba diving a pristine reef
your vision distorted with love hormones
the depths drugging you willingly into
anti-gravity dancing bliss
distant silver threat of sharks a faded
grey beside the vividness

drains some inkwell in you, too
leaves the body parched for personality
all vital juices trickled dry to be
filled like milk tissues as you sleep
pooling on the sheets as you feed a dreamt being
or a husband’s leg grabbed in
somnambulistic zeal

You need

glutes of reinforced steels for this job
biceps of carbon fibre
eight arms, rhinocerine skin and
nipples of neoprene
facial orifices that don’t mind
being explored by inquisitive fingers
a contortionist’s elastic frame
and the stealth of a catburglar
a hypnotist’s charm
a rugby referee’s command
and a boddhisattva’s ability to accept it all

Equip yourselves, ladies!
This child-growing business is




4 thoughts on “To Give Love Unceasingly

  1. Uff, uff, uff! Veeeery challenging task ahead then, those who have not tasted the first child yet, but are just -just about to, just just there, still rocked by the coktel of hormones at the toptip end of pregnancy (basicaly, me!)
    I may become in time a cavemum, once the baby is big enough to draw antilopes on our rented house wall…

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